Jason "Physicker" Welby

Salt and pepper hair cut in a younger man's style rises above dark, penetrating brown eyes, bushy mustache, and perpetual five o’clock shadow. Jeans, t-shirt, and a shiny, blue running jacket complete the look.


High Concept: back-alley psychic surgeon
Trouble: jaded doesn’t even begin to cover it
Aspect 1: known/valued healer to underworld/supers
Aspect 2: undercover boy scout
Aspect 3: harsh voice of reason

Great (4): Telekinesis
Good (3): Medicine, Contacts
Fair (2): Resources, Empathy, Lore
Average (1): Will, Physique, Investigate, Notice, Athletics

Psychic Surgeon: Can make Physical Recovery rolls of any level using Medicine to immediately downgrade physical consequences by one or more stages.
Instinctual Deflection: May use Telekinesis for physical Defense rolls, even when unexpected or unprepared.
Important to Dangerous People: It’s not a very well kept secret that The Physicker is highly valued by some very dangerous people. May use Contacts in place of Rapport wherever Physicker’s reputation is well known.

Telekinesis: Allows for movement of the mind. Can be used to do physical actions at a distance: Overcome, Create Advantage, Attack, and Defend. (Cost: 1 skill, 1 refresh)


A street kid rushes into my back-alley operating lab with a wad of cash. “You gotta’ save my brother, P-man!” With a roll of my eyes I take the cash and grab an emergency kit. His brother is lying in an alley a couple blocks away, and I can tell by the pool of blood around him that the mundane emergency kit isn’t going to cut it. After a quick look around and swearing under my breath, I perform a HEALING right there in broad daylight.

Unbeknownst to Jason, a dowdy yet wily librarian by the name of Odile observed the healing. She helpfully distracts a beat cop who otherwise would’ve seen the event, and she asks around to find out just what he’s about. …and that’s why she calls on The Physicker in her own hour of need to heal a poor college student caught in the crossfire of a demon possession. Apparently some hot shot who thinks he’s some sort of movie-poster-worthy action hero shot the poor girl without realizing she was a bystander caught in a bad situation. Odile didn’t even understand his normal fee structure, but lucky for her he still believes in the Hippocratic oath he took when he was a licensed physician. In the shadow world where Jason lives now there are far too many innocent people getting hurt and far too few people with the capability to do anything about it.

There’s just no rest for the weary. Wanting nothing more than a stiff drink after dealing with Odile’s problems, Physicker drops into a local nightclub only to be confronted by more stupidity. Apparently some geek-ish looking dude is consulting the with club’s bouncer, a literally horny guy by the name of Malthius, about some sort of box when it starts to glow and spark, clearly building up to some bad juju. Don’t people know better than to mess about with things they don’t understand? With a flick of his wrist, Physicker sends the box flying out the door just as it explodes in Technicolor fiery doom.

Significant Milestone 1: Added Average Athletics skill.

Jason "Physicker" Welby

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