Donny, is the sole proprietress of the mysterious and infamous Underworld club located in the rather seedy part of the city known as North of the Panhandle. Her head is always held high and a smirk is omnipresent on her perpetually red lips. Brunette feathered hair floats just above shoulder level, and dark eyes sparkle and glimmer with an intense inner spark. Her fashion is almost as much a part of her as any given physical trait, and to date she has never been seen without a spectacular pair of stiletto heels in some variety of red or black. Her reputation for being a flaming bitch is known throughout the Supernatural community of San Francisco, but to those closest to her she is the greatest ally and friend. Club Owner. Mistress. Arcane Flame wielder. She is a force to be reckoned with.



  • 1985 Prequel: 1984 – New Years Eve


Fate Core: 1985 Sulker