Odile de Quelquechose


Petite and of indeterminate age, Odile isn’t so much beautiful as she is well-heeled as styled to perfection (and perhaps beyond). Her superficiality and air of elegance conceals dark secrets, darker deeds, and a desperation she will only reveal under extreme duress.


Former head of the language department at Saint Umbral’s School for the Displaced, Ms Quelquechose has retreated to her pièd-á-terre in Nob Hill to focus on her macramé.

Whatever the circumstances of her dismissal, Odile isn’t saying anything. Clos observers will notice that despite her good humor and superficial behavior, there is a desperate darkness that never leaves her eyes.

An expert in French, Old French, and VERY Old French, Odile’s familiarity with the nether realms is nearly unparalleled. No stranger to making sacrifices to preserve the greater good, Odile can often be found napping, enjoying a new thing called yoga, and delighting in the company of handsome men.

She loves a party almost as much as she loves… Other things.

Odile de Quelquechose

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