The tattooed, horned muscle punk demon


High Concept: Manifested Demon Punk
Trouble: Underworld Vendettas
Aspect: The Soulless Know Who I Am
Aspect: I’ve Heard That Name Before
Aspect: I’m No Stereotype, Damn it!

Great +4: Fight
Good +3: Athletics, Physique
Fair +2: Notice, Provoke, Will
Average +1: Soul Mark, Deceive, Empathy, Lore

MINOR THREAT: (Danger Sense) Notice skill works unimpeded by conditions like total concealment, darkness, or other sensory impairments in situations where someone or something intends to harm.
INDOMITABLE: +2 to defend against Provoke attacks specifically related to intimidation and fear.
SKULLCRACKER: Once per scene a Fight attack may be declared a Headbutt for +2 to the roll (before the roll,) but the next three rolls to attack or defend will be at a -1 penalty (Concussed.)

Cost: 1 point of Refresh and 1 Skill Slot.
Allowances: Demonic Heritage/Appropriate Aspect.
The Demon may mark Mortals, Demons, Were Creatures and all manner of Strange Beasties, creating Advantages that get them bonuses on social interactions, tracking, and observations of the motives and inner-most secrets in the Dark of every Heart.
New Skill: Soul Mark. Actions: Overcome, Create an Advantage.
Cost: 1 point of Refresh.
Allowances: Demonic Heritage/Influence.
Allows the Character to make a Lore-based Attack or Advantage, drawing the flames of Hell from their twisted dark souls. Demons may spout their baleful fire in any manner of disgusting, artful, or disgustingly artful ways.


Donny had me working extra shifts at the Underworld. Fine by me—more money, more souls to mark. There were a few odd ones in the club raising Hell (heh.) I was gonna take them out back to crack their skulls like usual but when we got there they overpowered me and fled. And what’s worse, they didn’t even have any souls to mark…

(There’s another regular who comes into the Underworld. Odile. Also Soulless. Strange. I don’t know if or how she’s related to these other guys or not. She’s some bookish type. Maybe she knows something about them.)

When Levi brought in some sort of broken demonic battery, I recognized the name of its creator written in the runes inside it immediately. That guy? You made a deal with him? Oof. Good luck, pal. Withe struck a deal, though; Levi will help me find these soulless beings through more conventional means and I’ll try to get more info about the device and that guy he’s dealing with.

(Jason, AKA The Physicker saw us fiddling with that battery and smashed it to pieces. Said we didn’t understand the powers we were dealing with. What’s his damage?)

Jimmy Rain Dance was at the bar again the other day and told me there were fake Satanists running an orphanage outside of town, selling little kids for virgin sacrifices and the like. Now I could give two squirts of piss about human slavery but damn, people using demon worship to mask their sociopathic rage? That just gets my goat. (Heh.) I followed him to the outskirts of town and smashed up a bunch of poser cultists. Bruised knuckles always make me feel better.



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