Abigail Bain

"The poor dear...."


High Concept: Psychically twisted sweet little girl
Trouble: It wasn’t me! Diana did that!
Aspect 1: Children should neither be seen nor heard
Aspect 2: Ooh! A puppy!
Aspect 3: Well, maybe just a peek

Great (4): Empathy
Good (3): Will, Shoot
Fair (2): Stealth, Burglary, Notice
Average (1): Rapport, Athletics, Deceive, Lore

STUNTS {merit badges}
Telepathy – Empathy stunt PGS
Allows use of Empathy at a distance
(read surface thoughts with an ovecome roll)
Resisted with Will

Pyrokinesis – Shoot stunt PGS
Fire based attack
attack, create advantage + 2, overcome
Defended by Physique, Athletics

Third Eye Shot – Shoot stunt PGS
Attack that damages mental track
attack, create advantage
Defended by Will, Athletics

Psychic Girl Scout
Cost: 1 refresh
cost: an aspect slot

Allowance: 1 refresh + PGS
overcome, create advantage, defend
Will Stunt – The character with this extra may go invisible with a moments concentration. Roll a ‘create advantage’ roll (Will) with difficulty set based on the emotional state of the character (default to unopposed roll of standard difficulty). If successful the character gains the aspect “Invisible” with a free boost, in addition to any invokes they would normally obtain from the roll. The invisibility aspect remains in play until the character runs out of invokes/boosts or it would make sense for the aspect to go away (such as through taking a consequence or getting taken out in a conflict.

While Invisible, none can attack or create advantage on you until after a successful overcome roll with Notice.
+2 to stealth rolls


The Bains are an old family. Much older than most folks realize. Shut-ins mostly, keep to themselves. Old money learns to keep up fences. Growing up on an old plantation home several miles from the closest town, Abigail just assumed a life of quiet fear was normal.

Her sister, Ashleigh, had disappeared a few years ago. Abigail was still quite young at the time but remembers the night Ash left. “get out” “not safe” “San Francisco” “I’m sorry, Abby” were the last fleeting thoughts she had sensed from her. It was then that the watchful eye of her parents had turned to her. Abigail didn’t know why these strange people were suddenly so interested in her upbringing. With no other title than Sir and Ma’am, the Bains viewed their youngest with disdain but she was acceptable for their needs.

Only once had Abigail tried to peer into their minds. The darkness that had looked back at her told her enough of why Ash had fled and why her turn was coming. Luckily, Abigail had learned her lessons well, and growing up in the shadows meant she could slip into them with ease. Ma’am had always said “Children should be neither seen nor heard.

Too scared to look back at the house, Abigail hurried on through the night. She clutched her bear closer to her. “we did it, Diana. They can’t hurt me now.” She knew the journey would be long, but Abigail had her friend by her side and the prospect of seeing Ashleigh quickened her step. Besides, she had always wanted to go to California.


Abigail Bain

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