Fate Core: 1985

The Case of the Bloody Healer

or Stinky Sewer Chimera Action

Case File No. 221

Several weeks have passed since the Nancy Watkins case (ref. case #218) went south. Finding that little girl in that state…that’s not how you want to end an investigation. Not that the media cares. They’ve been parading Nancy’s mom Anita all over the news, talking about the scandal of the missing children. Damn tragedy is what it is, not something to be used as a ratings boost. Though leave it to the politicians to use this as an excuse to point fingers at each other. Damn animals.

Jimmy (ref. file P0124) has gone AWOL, saying something about “totally” going out on the road. Probably needed to get clear his head. Or bash in some heads. Whichever works for him.

So far, 23 kids are still out there, gods know where. No leads, no bodies (which in theory is a good thing), and no witnesses.

Dead end.

I’ve been trying to get Agent McCall to return my calls (heh), but he ain’t havin’ it. I keep getting some generic agent being all “Thanks but don’t call us, we’ll call you.”

Yeah right.

I have been keepin’ in touch with my new pals. I hear Donny left Malthus (ref. file P0121) in charge of The Underground. Not a bad promotion for a bouncer.

Odile (ref. file P0123) has been looking into those runes that got zapped into us. (Yeah, that’s not gonna bite us on the ass later on.) For some reason, she can only recall the one that went into her. She’s usually a spot on for details (classy dame with a brain, that one is) but this time around, she’s only got a slim bit of info.

Using that brain of hers, and some latin, sumerian and “other” tomes, she’s able to determine that the rune says “Chiaroscuro.” And typically a chiaroscuro rune isn’t used in the “light” sense.

Of course it isn’t.

Well, I got antsy and decided to return to the scene of the crime. Well, one of them anyways. I went back to the sewer were the boys were able to find the nest of them spider demon freaks. Not my favorite spot to hang out, but figured maybe I missed something.

Shoulda stayed with the classy dame.

From out of the darkness, three bozos come up behind me. One’s a shirtless bald guy with a spike collar on (lassie he ain’t). Another is tall skinny guy, leather jacket and Mohawk. I heard punk was back but jeez. And finally a third guy. Or girl, actually. This dame didn’t look like she wanted to play.

Oh yeah, did I mention they all smelled of Chimera (ref. file C001)?

One Chimera I can handle. Hell, two I might’ve been able to get around. But three? Mama Lahey didn’t raise no fool. Well, she kinda did, but she did teach me one thing. Chimera are not to be messed with.

I took the best tactical approach and bolted.

After a bit of a scuffle, and some cephalopodian wrestling, I managed to escape and swim up one of the sewer pipes, hoping against hope that I’d end up in The Undergrounds bathroom. And that no one was using it at the time.

Later on Levi (ref. file P0122) told me that he had been tinkering with that device he got off of McCalls agents. He realized soon enough that the cub reporter who was taking pics of him hadn’t sold the pics, so his face wasn’t plastered all over the weeklies.

Speaking of, the news claims that the horror at the club was caused by “Mechanical error, due to a light rigging breaking and crashing.”

Whatever helps the mundanes sleep at night, I guess?

I talked to Jason (ref. file P0125) a bit and he told me about how “quiet it’s been.” Apparently the supernaturals of the town were playing it safe and keeping a low profile. Makes sense. No need to get unwanted attention after the club incident.

I find out that some guy came to pay him a visit. A bald guy, early 40s, with glasses. Oh yeah, and covered in blood.

After a bit of questioning (behind a locked door), Jason find outs that this guy was (is?) being chased by some wild dogs. They ransacked his house and chased him out of the gate. Before letting him in, Jason makes a quick call to Malthus.

Jason lets the rather hysterical man in and using his (in)famous bedside manner (a slap on the face and an expletive) he sits him down on his medical bed. Jason does an examination and does find traces of a canine attack.

As Jason stitches him up, the guy tells Jason his story. He got home that night to find his door open and all his stuff thrown about. He admits that he felt someone “watching” him for the past couple of days. He reached out to turn on the light when he heard a low growing. He feels something chomp down on his arm and some laughter coming from inside the apartment. The guy takes off, knocking over one of his neighbor ladies (real gentleman, that one) and the dog possibly took a bite out of her. He kept running until he reached Jason’s.

Jason gives him the third degree (smart. Paranoid, but smart). Jason wants to know why he came to Jason. The guy admits that he’s wanted a chance to talk to Jason for a while, that he’s been a bit of pet project of his.

Jason wonders “Stalker or Groupie?”


Malthus shows up as Jason continues working on his patient, who seems to know more about medicine than he’s letting on.

The patient admits the he’s been feeling paranoid lately. He’s been waking up in the middle of the night, feeling as if someone was watching over him.

Jason finally realizes that he’s seen this guy before. He has this guys wallet. He’s seen him in the papers, as well. Doctor David A. Agard. He’s one of the lead scientists of Lasombre Labratories. This guy is a real egghead, the head of the cancer ward, double PHd and all that. He’s supposed to be heading out to a gala in two days time, where he’ll be presenting a new prototype that’s set to help eradicate cancer. Not a bad legacy, you ask me.

Jason tells Malthus that the reason he has this doc’s wallet is that a ghoul had used it pay for his services.

Malthus and Jason tell the doc that they’re willing to provide their expertise in this situation, provided the doc can pay their fee.

Doc says “If you can keep me safe, I”ll pay any rate.”


Jason calls Odile and has her assemble the A-team.

Just to make sure he’s on the up and up, Malthus soul gazes the Doc. As he tells it, the Doc’s aura is in a fetal position. The Doc actually has a very beautiful soul. Not pure white light, but pretty darn close. He is someone who actually wants to heal the world. He is currently very scared, but wants to help.

Malthus asks a few questions and finds that Asgard has a friendly rival, name of Cecil.

Odile gives everyone a call. I just happen to be stepping out of the toiler, drenched in muck and scum when I hear the phone ring in the empty club.

Levi gets a call at a phone booth he just happened to be walking by. Not creepy at all.

Jason gives Jimmy a call. He leaves a message that everyone is meeting up at his place.

Meanwhile, Jimmy was on a case. Apparently a lady got attacked by something that sounded like a werewolf. Pulling up at the locale in his hog, cigar in mouth, fringe jacket flowing, he looks for a way in.

Seems like the police are preventing the honkies (his words, not mine) from going in, so he makes his own path, up the fire escape. Looking in, he’s able to see that one of the apartment and finds nothing wrong. Outside in the hallway though is ugly. Blood smeared all over, hallway in tatters.

Rather than wasting time, Jimmy jumps through the open window and strolls up to one of the cops. Luckily for him, he’s a fanboy of Jimmy. He spills all the deets. A lady got attacked by a giant dog. The lady is okay-ish. Real mystery, though, is how the dude next door let the dog in. The apartment next door is all torn up. Lady said the dog looked more like a wolf, but that was probably just her nerves.

Leaving the same way he came in, Jimmy heads to his hog. He checks in with his girl Friday, who tells him that all his buddies are meeting up at Jason’s.

The team meets up. I get there in a rather unusual outfit. I had to change out of my sewer covered clothing, and use the leftovers of the lost & found. Suffice it to say, I looked ridiculous. I head straight to the shower and ask for some extra clothes of Jason’s.

Odile recognizes Agard. They chat up a bit, and she says that his work is full of light. Something clicks and we think maybe someone wants to turn that light into darkness. Agard says his neighbor is named Janice, and is glad to hear she’s okay.

Before heading out, I update the boys and lady about the chimera attack, explaining why I stunk and was dressed up the way I was.

The team decides to head back to his place to see if there are any clues. We split up in different vehicles. I grudgingly change into a lap dog to save space. Oy, the things I do for you guys.

Checking out the Doc’s abode, we find a torn up notebook and claw marks on the window sill. Human footprints on the carpet leading towards doggie ones.

Oh no.

Odile asks the question whether the chimera may have done this. I shift into lapdog mode and sniff around. I immediately pick up the Slender Guy’s scent.

Looking at the notebook, Odile performs a ritual to see if the whole thing is there. It is.

Jason starts thinking out loud. “Trying to snuff out bright light.”

Odile responds, “Or channel it into darkness.”

The Doc says he has to take care of the setting up of the device, and has to be at the gala.

The others tell the doc to be quiet, that we’re deciding his fate.

Racking my brains trying to figure out why the Chimera are involved, I spill that though they’re always looking for the next tasty shape, they’re not above taking monetary compensation to do a bit of dirty work.

Levi says he may be able to whip up something that could prevent the Chimera from shifting. He’d have to use lil’ ol’ me as a guinea pig, though.

Oh swell. I don’t suppose this would be covered under worker’s comp…




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