Fate Core: 1985

Oh Rats!

March 1st

Dear Diary,

So, after the beach and the Bar, Jimmy drove me to Berkeley to see Ash, i fell asleep but woke up as he was fighting this gross looking ghost that had attacked this lady on campus. Ash and some of her friends showed up and helped! i was so happy to see her that i started bawling. :(
I told her all about how I ran away. Ash and Jimmy had a weird conversation, I think she likes him. he slept on the roof.
The next morning, Ash said she had to go to class so Jimmy said he’d keep an eye on me.
He drove me back into the city where we were going to get some food with the other guys. AND THEN HE LEFT. but Puppy and Mr. Levi were there so it was ok. The grumpy Malthus was there too. Dr. Jason wasn’t, so i asked Diana what he was doing. She said he had had a really bad dream about the beach and was still thinking about what had happened.

We sat down at the restaurant. it was run by this nice old couple, the waitress liked Diane and said i should get the pancakes.

While the guys were talking, their surface thoughts were so loud, i couldn’t help but peek. I found out that last night, while he was walking home, Puppy ran into this really creepy guy who said some weird stuff to him. it wasn’t very clear. but he made it home safe.

Mr. Levi was thinking about how he had tried to get the radio to work but couldn’t, though he did find a tooth in there. but when he fell asleep, he dreamed he was in the radio station and the hosts were talking with him, he made a deal with them to get answers for stories. and then we he woke up, the radio was humming again. o.o He told us about the ghost hosts and i told them about the mean ghost the Jimmy and Ash and fought.

Mr. Malthus was still thinking about his boss, the Red lady. They had talked and she had given him the keys to the bar, she said she needed to finish something from her past. ???

Suddenly, we could hear screaming, they rushed to go see what was happening. Puppy said i should stay here and finish my pancakes, but i didn’t want to be left alone so i followed after them.
There was a huge swarm of rats a block away! The guys ran to help the people who were screaming. I peeked inside but the rats were so angry and frightened. it scared me, and I disappeared. Mr. Levi made a big burning tree branch to scare them away and Puppy changed to hit them. Malthus shouted to them to send the rats to him so i helped too and made them think he was cheese. when the rats jumped on him, he burst into fire!
Puppy ran inside and stopped them from coming in the pipes.
They burned more, and Diana snapped some of their minds until they started to run away.
we picked up a few that were comatose, Puppy said that it was like the gala and we should take it to the Green doctor to find out what was going on.
I hope we can go back so i can finish my pancake. though it’s probably cold now.



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