Fate Core: 1985

February 1985: Beach Investigations

Game Notes, June 2015

February, 1985
Checking with Odile about Alison: No answer. What could possibly go wrong?
Plan to meet with Campus Christian Fellowship at 3PM.

Next morning:
Abigail wakes up in the back of an open bed truck, running through the panhandle. 10 am. Diana knew this truck was going to San Francisco. She hops out, invisibly. She avoids joggers, wanders into Golden Gate Park, has a montage. Beautiful City park, Active city fun! Oh look, ducks! She’s totally visible again. She plays on the playground. She sees the Bison. She sees the Windmills. She sees the men hanging around at the base of the Windmills. Diana sings extra brightly, and the two of them are giggling together. As she walks and is, naturally, drawn into an area of mental turbulence. Diana sings in a very quiet, scared…she discovers a large cement room, rusty red metal door with bars. She tries to get in through the bars, but gets stuck. Eventually she wriggles out and discovers the gate is, in fact, unlocked. She looks in to see a nightlight that looks like a candelabra, with extension cords leading to a radio and tv. The room is filled with faux antiques, but it’s still quite dusty. And in the corner, a bed that’s made to crudely like a coffin. (She sees the man’s dream—he sits in a grand hall with real luxuries, and servants. A young woman is brought in and he kisses and embraces her, she sighs, and then he bites her neck.) He wakes a bit, and Abigail goes invisible. He tries to be all Dracula and instead falls on his face, sleepily. He closes the door, and Abigail is pushed to trip over a couch, where she uncovers a pale, dead woman with bite marks on her neck. The fledgling vamp turns and shouts who’s there? threatens with a poncey wave of a fireplace poker. Abigail tries to slink to the door; but the vampire breaks the door handle. So Abigail targets the vamp’s brain and Armond Augustine III crumples to the ground, mentally shattered. She runs out, finally, and runs scared and lost in the park

Jimmy and Scott wake up. Scott, clearly dreaming about Alison, shifts from her shape back into his usual one.

“Odile, this is Scott. if you can have Alison call me a Jimmy’s, that be great. hope everything is all right. Thanks bye.” Which is worse, Prison or Staying with Odile? Hard to tell. We head to the off-campus location: 1740 Sloat, just off Lake Merced. Screen_Shot_2015-09-20_at_6.54.36_PM.jpg

The Physicker actually wears a cross. We look mostly the part, except for Jimmy who…well, it’s close enough. “Can White man sky god make rain?”

Thin carpet, very beige. Cardboard boxes. A young woman looks through the boxes and organizes some papers. Long black hair, slight frame. She doesn’t hear us enter. Scott convinces her that we want to join the Christian Fellowship. There is no meeting today, but there’s going to be a memorial at the beach tonight for Jane. She hands us a small, photocopied sheet of prayers and a memorial for the girl.

Christina Yee is a friend of . (Malthus sees into her soul, which is real easy. She’s doing the Father.) Father Jerrod Davis is the Fellowship’s sponsor. Also teaches world religion at SFSU.
Older man, in his 40s, well built.

They way she describes it, Jane and Brad were so in love, it could have been a movie. Brad wasn’t an outcast, but a bit of a black sheep, because of the way the Father treated him. He never took a liking to him.

Malthus elects not to meet the father. He may know he’s a demon. While investigating outside, he feels an odd sensation, and wanders down the path. Finds a clearing; circular patch of ground in the middle of everything. Shriveled, dead vegetation in the circle. Looks like dead vegetation compressed into it’s old form, pushed like a leaf blower circle. Oh! It’s the magical aftereffect of teleportation! Except from something with dark, death energy.

A station wagon pulls up and the Father walks in. Introductions are made. The father says they’re picking up Jane’s parents for the vigil. What about Brad’s parents? (He stiffens at the mention of Brad’s name.) No, no word from them.

Jimmy sends Scott to find us two. Jimmy picks up every box and carries them to the station wagon with the Father. He confronts him about Brad. “Can’t put a finger on it, and it seems like he had the best intentions, but it never felt right.” Jimmy outs himself as an investigator. Finds out that several weeks before the event, Brad stopped coming to meetings. He was always secretive.

We meet up. The decay seems to be three or four weeks old. Maybe the magic decayed it that much faster. Two footprints. One smaller man’s dress shoe, one large tennis shoe. Jimmy Raindance does his impression of the crying indian. We take some material back to Donny.

The radio in the car comes on KFRC talk radio. “A jogger this morning claims to have seen the body of a woman in the Sutro Baths. He attempted CPR and couldn’t resuscitate her. He went for help, heard a splash and it seemed like the body had been dragged into the water. Was this a hoax? What do you think? 415-555-2138”

Donny knows it’s death magic, duh. Probably a necromancer. Who can say who? And I have to a work a double on Saturday for this little amount of information. We head to the beach to the memorial.

Abigail heads to see the ocean, she sees lights on the beach. Diana says it’s not a happy bonfire—they’re sad. It’s news cameras. Maria Zapata from Channel 7 KGO, and KNTV TV-2 also recording. There’s a tall buff native guy, a medium tall well built white guy, a dog, a guy in blue. “C’mon Darkness.”

The crowd is surrounding Father Davis, Mr. & Mrs. Earl, lots of cameras. Sad, empty eyes. haggard faces. “Jane was a good girl. We can’t express our sorrow properly; we just hope this never happens to any other person.” Brad Petris’s family not seen.

Abigail and the puppy have a moment. A Serious Moment. Abigail sees about a year of Scott’s life.

It’s a lot of blood.

Abigail sees a bit inside The Physicker and sees way more of Malthus than she ought to have.

After Father finishes talking the wind picks up and there is a scream carried on it; A massive scream of the tortured. An unseen fog suddenly passes over. The Physicker puts up a wall of psychic energy that deflects the fog. It still destroys the cameras and it’s thick dark outside of the wedge.

Jimmy goes to talk to the reporter to try to help. She opens her mouth to speak and is interrupted by creaking and croaking and splashing.


Just for clarification, I thought I saw 9 years of puppy’s life. But I could be mistaken.


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