Fate Core: 1985

Fairy eating and doctor meeting

Jimmy and ash take Abigail to the park to eat…I mean, to look for fairies. Ashley opens up to Jimmy about her past. Ma’am and Sir seemed like a real bad pair of folks. She blanked out for years at a time. She stayed to keep Abigail safe…until HE showed up. They were going to marry her off to him but there was something so wrong about him, so scary, that she ran away. Even leaving Abigail behind, which was the hardest part of it. Jimmy suggested that she talk to Abigail, and maybe her powers could help set her mind at ease. He offers to roundhouse kick her parents, or at least her bad memories if he can. They have a touching scene.
Her teen girl squad is investigating the ghosts that attacked the dorm the other night. They decide to keep Abigail with a jimmy for now, and before jimmy can roundhouse kick all the horny guys on the Berkeley campus…

We see a necromancer made of black clouds, reach down towards the swarm of rats. He opens a fleshy aperture and waves his hand over the rats, which explode in a mist of blood and flesh. It swirls through the ground and rises up through the earth…beneath the National Cemetery in the Presidio.

Erica and nick Hackey. They throw us out of their cafe at closing. We try everything we can to get them to come visit the Physicker and she wasn’t having any of it. The rat bites seem to be healing at ridiculously fast speed. Malthus soul marks her, and Scott trails them as a cat. They’re much less mean to him at home. They seem to have a pretty normal night.

Dr orkestra was waiting for us at the Underworld. Entropic energy has

Abigail gets a little freaked out at the conversation about ma’am and sir, and the idea of looking into Ashley’s head. She goes invisible. Jimmy manages to spot her moving in the bushes. Ashley asks Abigail about the tattoos on her chest. There are three symbols tattooed o her chest. The symbol is “guardian”, the same one that jimmy saw on New Years Eve.

The lab is a wreck. Dr Aagard’s assistants have been slaughtered. He’s been joyfully slashed into bits. Some kind of evil “demonic” thing did this to them, specifically torturing them and bleeding him; he may have been killed by a massive knife blow to the heart. Dr Aagard must have walked in to see this.

Abigail and Malthus calm down the doctor and try to get him to relax. Much of the lab has been ransacked. File cabinets, equipment, all stolen. Was it one big thing with multiple limbs or a group? Scott tried to puzzle out what kind of thing or things would have attacked. He noted this for dr orkestra.

Levi hears a radio in another room. jimmy noticed that Levi was listening and only hears part of



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